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If you've found this little post, or perhaps been sent it, welcome! My name is Jess and I've long had a passion for writing and sharing in creativity; and more recently, have found a love for spirituality and healing women's relationships with intuition and self.

Along my travels and in life experiences, I've been fortunate enough to meet some amazing women who have, and continue to, inspire me with their resiliency. Each one of us holds stories of wisdom and strength, yet we leave them too often, unwritten. Well, no longer.

With this group, I want to offer a space for all of us to reconnect with that divine feminine and to re-discover that which the systems around us have erased. Let us weave together our passions and modes of creativity, to heal and teach each other, what it means to be a woman. We hold the knowledge of fulfillment and power, and in this group, I hope we can aid each other in unveiling what that knowledge looks like for each and every one of us.

So join me in virtual sessions of creativity about once a month or maybe more, as we each offer a craft, story, or lesson. If you love poetry, let us all write for the hour. If you are a songwriter, how can we each remember that innate melody? If you're into yoga, what postures and stretches can help us realign with our body and soul? If you feel you don't have something to share in this way, you can always share a story or even just your ears! Your presence alone will contribute to the magic of the space... and who knows where it will take us!

If interested, please email or text me with your information and ideas. I'd love to hear what you want out of this, especially because this will be a work in progress; I want us all to make the session together, as we go:



Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions. And share with anyone you feel should be a part of this!

Sending all my love,


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